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Know everyone who enters the door. Their average spendings, number of visits and even favorite cocktail

What are the secrets of successful casino? It is the opportunity to quickly recognize a professional scammer among decent clients and surprise VIP with a special attitude. It is the ability to control visitors in the hall and track their movements. But the main thing: it is the skill to do all this without disturbing anyone, without making any fuss. After all, gambling requires concentration. Skillful client monitoring and competent profiling, as well as quick response to incidents without unnecessary fuss, you will benefit from the algorithm for face recognition by NtechLab company.

Know your VIPs
Know your special guests before they tell you who they are. Surprise them with special approach at the entrance, table, or in the bar. What else can push you so much to experience the thrill of game than atmosphere of hospitality and comfort in the casino.
Fraud prevention
Identify cheaters and professional scammers at the very entrance. Don’t wait while they deceive decent clients and you! The automated approach to the notification of casino security by the system will help to avoid mistakes caused by the human factor.
Movement control
Track the suspicious visitors. Monitor their behavior when they enter the "blind" zones or join a table they’re banned from. Close surveillance means you can watch suspicious people nonstop.
Customer profiling
Form visitors profiles taking into account such data as gender, age, frequency of visits, history of wins and losses, habits, as well as preferred games, drinks, etc. A competently created profile of the client allows you to effectively adapt to each one in order to gain the maximum benefit for the casino.
Analysis of winnings
The function of emotions recognition will help to understand how adequately the client reacts to the gain: if he is happy, full of joy or does not express any emotions.
Advantages for casino
The ability to search several databases at the same timе, for instance, "black lists", VIPs, employees and to process information from an unlimited number of cameras to control different zones of the casino: entrance, gambling hall, slots, rooms for staff only etc.
Finding a person in the database of 1 billion faces will take a split second, which allows you to quickly respond to what is happening in the gaming hall and at the entrance.
Additional functionality to determine customers' emotions.
Easy integration with video surveillance systems through the use of standard protocols for working with IP cameras.
The NtechLab algorithm stands ahead of other algorithms due to accuracy of identification over 95%, which makes it the best technology available on the market today. Fits even for large databases.