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Your ideas, our engineers. Custom solutions to meet your unique needs and ideas

Don't have the software engineers to bring your facial recognition ideas to life? We've got you covered. Our exceptional R&D team can help build the solution you are looking for.

FindFace requires no compromise — its facial recognition system is not only extremely fast, but highly accurate at the same time. Its algorithms are so efficient that even low-cost hardware becomes hyper-efficient and valuable.

There are hundreds of potential applications for this facial recognition technology, and only you know exactly what your customers need. Combine this with our experience in the space and you've got the best product ever!

You've got an idea for harnessing the power of this technology? Let us turn it into reality for you.

Turn-Key Solution
Based on your vision, ideas, or requirements, we will deliver a production-ready solution. This allows you to focus on the business side of your product, rather than manage the software development and its technical complexities.
Exceptional Algorithm
Your product deserves the best facial recognition technology available on the market! FindFace's algorithm demonstrated the world’s best accuracy at the MegaFace Challenge, organized by the University of Washington. It is the only technology capable of reliably identifying an individual among millions and billions of photos, and it does so in almost no time.
Proven by
FindFace's exceptional capabilities are proven by successful production deployment at It’s the only service that allows anyone to find a person among 250,000,000 preloaded social network photos in less than 0.5 seconds.
Expert Team
We've got a leading team of experts who are 100% focused on facial recognition. We are sure to provide you with the best possible solution to your needs, best driving a balance between cost and technology.
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